Tart issue two is here...

Finally, we have released our second issue of tart. Re-designed and re-imagined, this issue is everything we had hoped it to be and more. (We’ve also dropped the zine or gained a ‘maga,’ for the optimists out there.)

This issue contains a wide variety of both successful and up and coming artists, including the incredible illustrator Hattie Stewart and the popular Instagram artist Butler Archive, both of whom represent the truly diverse range of styles we have curated. 

We also have a number of written opinion and personal pieces, the topics of which range from exploring the positive changes in the make-up industry to observing philosophical theories and their place in the art world. 

We hope you enjoy the issue as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

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tarty inspiration 02

This week we have been looking at some beautifully bright shoots for inspiration for our upcoming fashion editorial...

tarty inspiration 01

Here is a little peek at what has inspired us lately...