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Tart is an independent magazine that believes in creativity and authenticity. Our goal is to inspire others through the use of un-aspirational content and imagery, provide a physical space for artists of any medium to showcase their work, and to champion causes that we believe in. 

Founded in Petersfield in July 2017 by Ellie Higson and Poppy Baker, tart launched its first issue the following September. Issue two is now currently underway, with a number of nationally recognised artists already involved - it is currently planned to release in April 2018. 

Ellie Higson completed her first year at Brighton University in Illustration, before moving over to study Graphic Design in year two. Ellie uses a bold colour palette to create fun portraiture, but believes she still has a ways to go before discovering her true style. To view some of her work, please visit www.ehgsn.tumblr.com.

Poppy Baker is in her third and final year studying Fashion Media and Marketing at Plymouth College of Art. With a focus on graphic design within the fashion realm, Poppy uses the medium of collage to create visual artworks which repurpose fashion imagery in a new and interesting way. To view some of her work, please visit www.poppy-baker.tumblr.com.

Together, the pair create a refreshing mid-point between the worlds of illustration, art, graphic design and fashion.